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Flik Flak FLS022 Harry Potter watch

The Hogwarts crest proudly dominates the watch’s dial design, symbolizing the threatened attack on Hogwarts in the film. Protecting the dial is a bold, black bezel with a winder in bright yellow for easy location in darkness. A large picture of Harry Potter is featured on the six o’clock side of the strap, augmented by the HP initials in a 3D look. The opposite side reflects the darker tones of the forces approaching Harry, Ron and Hermione in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Part 2.” Standing out against the sombre background is a jagged Harry Potter logo in white.
Flik Flak is the Children's Swatch.
Like every FlikFlak watch, this watch is machine washable 40 C/104Fin fabric net (without pre-wash).
EAN 7610522529908
Diameter 29.5 mm
Water resistant 3 Bar (Wash hands)
Warranty 2 years of worldwide warranty
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Swatch Specialist
Since 1992
$ 42.93
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