Flik Flak Pescatolino watch

Flik Flak FBN027 Pescatolino watch

Funny frogs swim around (one even hops onto the dial to tickle Flik and Flak) and two curious dragonflies flit by, as a determined little fisherman feels that tell-tale tug that says he's caught something at last. Exactly the kind of sturdy, reliable little model a kid could get "hooked" on!
Flik Flak is the Children's Swatch.
Like every Flik Flak watch, this watch is machine washable 40 C/104Fin fabric net (without pre-wash).
EAN 7610522066342
Diameter 29.5 mm
Water resistant 3 Bar (Wash hands)
Warranty 2 years of worldwide warranty
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Of Swatch Vintage Watches
Swatch Specialist
Since 1992
$ 30.84
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