Swatch Bijoux Glamadorious Charms Charm

Swatch Bijoux Glamadorious Charms

These Multicoloured Stainless steel charms can be attached to the "JBM038-U and JPM055-U All for me" bracelet and necklace.
These delightful charms take up a design that first appeared on the bracelet of Fructiferous. Fashioned of stainless steel 316L and droplets of coloured synthetic resin, each charm is an oval disc of polished steel decorated with three circular inlays in pink, blue or green synthetic resin. The resin droplets rise in gentle convex curves above the surface of the steel. Designed to complement and enhance charm bracelets and accessories.
EAN 7610522521674
Warranty 2 years of worldwide warranty
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Swatch Specialist
Since 1992
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