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 Spring Summer Collection Swatch
 Spring Summer Collection Swatch

Swatch The Originals SUPV100 Flower Ballet watch

Time dances a floral ballet through the course of a summer’s day. The plastic strap of this intriguing Jelly in Jelly Puzzle Motion sets a colourful stage for the dance on the dial. The pink plastic case frames the multi-level dial whose eight printed plastic discs transform the colourful image of a young woman holding a bouquet of flowers into an ever-changing dance of colours and abstract shapes. The image forms, dissolves into the dance and reappears once every hour. In the absence of numerals and indices, metallic hour and minute hands with pink highlights mark the time.
EAN 7610522406100
Diameter 38 mm
Water resistant 3 Bar (Wash hands)
Warranty 2 years of worldwide warranty
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