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 Fall Winter Collection Swatch
 Fall Winter Collection Swatch

Swatch Special YGS128 Le Chiffre (Casino Royale) watch

Gambler, math whiz and banker to terrorists, Le Chiffre weeps blood while attempting to bankrupt Bond in a poker game in Casino Royale. The shimmering black synthetic leather strap of this elegant Irony Big recalls Le Chiffre’s black tux at the gaming table, while the black leather loop displays a silver 007 pistol logo. Mounted on the brushed stainless steel case is a stainless steel bezel engraved to highlight a delicate motif. The sunbrushed anthracite dial features a dark grey Ace of Spades in the centre, with printed black Arabic numerals at hours 3 and 9, red hearts at hours 1 and 7, black clubs at 2 and 8, black spades at 4 and 10, red diamonds marking hours 5 and 11, and a black capital A (for Ace) at 12 o’clock. Tapered metal hour and minute hands with both engraved and mirrored surfaces and a slim red central seconds hand mark the time.
EAN 7610522323681
Diameter 37.5 mm
Water resistant 3 Bar (Wash hands)
Warranty 2 years of worldwide warranty
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$ 107.32
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