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New Flik Flak Spring Summer 2013 Collection

This post was written by alicia on March 1, 2013
Posted Under: Squiggly News

We received 13 lovely new Flik Flak watches  part of the spring/summer 2013 collection: the Dolcezza in Pink (FPN053), the Dolcezza in Turchese (FPN054), the Douceur De Coeur (FBN090), the Birds Lovely Summer (FBN091), the Sola Green (FCN031), the Sola Corail Red (FCN032), the Sola PurpleBlue (FCN033), the Shaped White & Red (FCS028), the Shaped White & Blue (FCS030), the Skater’s World in Orange (FPN055), the Skater’s World in Blue (FPN056), the Risk in the Fire! (FBN092) and the Cowboy’s Life (FBN093).

Flik Flak 2013 Collection

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