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Squiggly tries to have every Swatch ever produced in stock. But it is, even for us professionals, difficult to maintain our stock of Swatch watches.
We have sources in 15 different countries to buy our goods. But even we never know when an item will arrive. There are some basic rules:
Item not in stock
1. Older goods
Older products are being ordered from more than 20 sources and we will not get everything we order. We have no idea when an older item will come in stock again. It can be next week or it may not come in months.
2. Newer Collection
Collections up to two years old should normally be back in stock within a month or so.
3. The latest collection.
These items we can normally get within 24 hours.
4. Straps
For straps it's totally impossible to say when a product will be in stock. It's not a product we can order directly from Swatch, it's also not clear that we will get what we order. We buy straps from all kinds of sources and as much as we can. That's also why we have a stock of about 25,000 pieces. (!)
When you order an item that is not in stock...
1 When you see a nice watch, or a watch strap on our site, but it is not in stock, you can click on the Add to wishlist button.
2 You will see a page where you can leave your name and e-mail address. When the item comes in stock our computer will instantly send you an e-mail that the item is available.
3 The moment the e-mail has been sent, the item will be removed from your wish list. At that moment you can order the item from our site to get it.
Disclaimer: Squiggly will NOT sell e-mail addresses to third parties, also we will NOT add your e-mail to our mailing list. We don't like that way of doing business.