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Swatch New Collection

Squiggly and Swatch collaborated in a new joined venture. Swatch Vintages Watches. Squiggly will focus its sales on Swatch vintage watches. This means that everything that is older than 3 years, can be found on Squiggly.com. Because of direct delivery from Swatch, all older Swatch watches are in perfect condition.

What about new collection? New collection Swatch watches can be found on our daughter website; Masters in Time.

Squiggly's Vintage Swatches - Everything older than 3 years
Masters in Time - Everything newer than 3 years

In near future Squiggly is going to focus its website entirely on Vintage Swatch watches. The navigation will be focused on collectable series and artists. The Swatch Collectors forum will get a full up-date

Swatch available on Masters in Time:
  • New Collection
  • Core Collection
  • 2012 Collection
  • 2013 Collection
  • 2014 Collection
Masters in Time is our international website for brand watches. Just like Squiggly.com we ship worldwide from this website.

 Swatch New Collection