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Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

2008 is the year of the Beijing Olympic Games. Swatch has created a number of special Olympic watches for this great event.
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  Swatch Olympic-Friends SUJZ103 - 2006 Fall Winter Collection SUJZ103 Olympic Friends EUR 53.72 (= USD 61.37)

The Fuwa (Chinese: pinyin Fúwá; literally "good-luck dolls") were unveiled as the mascots of the games by the National Society of Chinese Classic Literature Studies on November 11, 2005, at an event marking the 1000th day before the opening of the games. The Fuwa consist of five members that incorporate fish, giant panda, fire, Tibetan antelope, and swallow designs. They correspond with the five elements of Chinese philosophy: water, metal, fire, wood, and earth. The Fuwa each have as their primary color one of the colors of the five Olympic Rings. The five Fuwa are named Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, and Nini. When the first syllable of each of the five names are said together, the result is the phrase Běijīng huānyíng nĭ which means "Beijing welcomes you".

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SUJZ103D Olympic Friends EUR 53.72 (= USD 61.37)
  Swatch Olympic-Friends SUJZ103D - 2006 Fall Winter Collection

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  Swatch All-Fit GE210 - 2008 Fall Winter Collection GE210 All Fit EUR 41.32 (= USD 47.21)

The wish that the 2008 Olympic Games will go smooth and successful is expressed with this watch. The blue fish and bats on the plastic print strap will take care of that. A shiny transparent case frames the white dial with red fish repeat the design of the strap. Black hour, minute and second hands mark the time.

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GE214 Facial Painting EUR 41.32 (= USD 47.21)
  Swatch Facial-Painting GE214 - 2008 Fall Winter Collection

Facial makeup is used in the traditional chinese theater drama's. The red face stands for a man's honesty towards his country. The silicon rubber strap is printed with a red, white and black paint. A matt transparent case frames the white dial with black numbers 1 to 12 and the Beijing logo. Red hour and minute hands and a white second hand show the time.

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  Swatch Xinhuanet GZS34PACK - 2004 Spring Summer Collection GZS34PACK Xinhuanet EUR 330.58 (= USD 377.66)

The first set of souvenir watch for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on 16-DEC in Beijing. The set includes one "GZ178 Dragon Celebrations". and a "SUFZ102 Dancing Beijing".

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SUBM108G Linked Emotions EUR 61.98 (= USD 70.81)
  Swatch Linked-Emotions SUBM108G - 2007 Fall Winter Collection

The stainless steel strap of the "Linked Emotion" has four big links with the same graphic lines as the 2008 Beijing Olympic stadium. The red color gives good contrast for the silver lines. The fume grey plastic is rectangular and holds a sunbrushed silver dial with the Beijing 2008 logo. A silver hour and minute hand with superlite filling and a thin silver second hand mark the time.

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  Swatch Good-Destiny SUJK131 - 2007 Fall Winter Collection SUJK131 Good Destiny EUR 53.72 (= USD 61.37)

The SUJK131 Good Destiny has the same design features as the Olympic torch. On the plastic strap you find the dragon, which is a potent symbol of auspicious power. The transparent plastic case surrounds the dial which has a design of lucky clouds. A black hour, minute and second hand mark the time.

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YCS496GV1 Graphic Combination EUR 115.70 (= USD 132.18)
  Swatch Graphic-Combination YCS496GV1 - 2007 Fall Winter Collection

The design of the stainless steel bracelet is inspired by graphic forms of the Olympic stadium. It is attached to a brushed stainless steel case, which is closed with a stainless steel bezel on which a tachymeter is displayed. On the shiny silver dial, you find the slogan "One World, One Dream" The slogan calls upon the whole world to join in the Olympic spirit and build a better future for humanity. It was chosen from over 210,000 entries submitted from around the world. The slogan, One World One Dream, also refers to China's own Dream. History has it that China had three wishes: to compete in the Olympics, to win a gold medal, and lastly, to host the Olympic games. China has already fulfilled two of its wishes, and now, hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics will finally fulfill its dream. Further you find on the dial the Beijing 2008 logo in red, just like all the hands of the chrono counters. The main hour and minute hand, that mark the time, are white with superlite filling.

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  Swatch Beijing-Paralympics GE212 - 2010 Spring Summer Collection GE212 Beijing Paralympics EUR 37.19 (= USD 42.49)

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GE213 Beijing Paralympics EUR 41.32 (= USD 47.21)
  Swatch Beijing-Paralympics GE213 - 2008 Fall Winter Collection

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  Swatch Precious-Jade SFK306G - 2007 Fall Winter Collection SFK306G Precious Jade EUR 86.78 (= USD 99.14)

Jade is very much appreciated by the Chinese. This watch is designed with the Chinese art objects made of this precious stone in mind. The stainless steel bracelet has skeleton links with green stones. It holds a transparent case which frames the sunbrushed silver dial. On the inside of the dial you see again the design like on the links of the bracelet. The position of the 3, 9 and 12 are marked with a green stone. The other hours are marked with grey indices. A silver hour and minute hand show the time.

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GE196 China Dreams EUR 41.32 (= USD 47.21)
  Swatch China-Dreams GE196 - 2007 Fall Winter Collection

Chinese porcelain is the basis for the design of this watch. The textile on linen strap has the ageless flower motif of vases designed centuries ago. The strap is attached to a transparent case that frames the dial depicting a red rose. The blue Arabic numbers are all present. A silver hour and minute hand and a blue second hand mark the time.

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