First Time Ordering

First Order

How to order at Squiggly


1. Order 
Go to the article you would like to purchase and click on order now. If this is the only article, go to 3


2. Continue shopping 
If you would like to purchase more you can either click "continue shopping" or hit your "back" button. The article you just ordered will remain in the shopping cart


3. Check Out 
When you are ready to finish the purchase, please click on "check out" in the shopping cart


4. Secure ordering 
You have now entered the check out page. This page is a Secure page!! All the data on this page can only be seen by us on one computer. Once we have retrieved the data from this page, the page is automatically destroyed. The data is stored in an off-line server


5. Payment 
You're now directed to the payment page of Global Collect or Ideal. On this page you can make your payment in a save environment.


6. Check your data 
On the bottom part you see what you are about to order and the shipping costs. Please check this data. If there is something you do not like, you can click on back to cart and you can correct your order. Only once you have hit the "place order" button, you have made a firm order

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