Flex strap (version 2)

Step 1

Step 1.
The Flexible Metal Strap. 
In our example we want to remove 4 pieces from the strap.

Step 2

Step 2.
You put a thin screwdriver under the plastic cap.

Step 3

Step 3.
Using the screwdriver as a lever you let it slip off. (I mostly do this in a fast way). 

Step 4

Step 4. 
Repeat this again with the right cap.

Step 5

Step 5. 
In our example we want to remove 4 parts. With the caps removed you see 3 parts in the middle. This is correct!

Step 6

Step 6. 
Now go to the right cap and bend open the strap.

Step 7

Step 7. 
Do this again on the left side!

Step 8

Step 8.
Now you can take the left side off.

Step 9

Step 9. 
And the right side off. 

Step 10

Step 10. 
You now have two parts in your hands.

Step 11

Step 11. 
You assemble the right and left side again.

Step 12

Step 12. 
This is the hard part. With a pair of tweezers you take out the little feather.

Step 13

Step 13. 
And put it back in such a way that the two parts are back one piece.

Step 14

Step 14. 
With a pair of pliers you close the strap again.

Step 15

Step 15. 
Now you put back the cap over the empty space.

Step 16

Step 16. 
Hold the plastic part on its place with a finger from your left hand.

Step 17

Step 17. 
and with the thin screwdriver as a lever you put it back on its place.

Step 18

Step 18. 
And done!

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