Swatch Historical Collection - 1997

Swatch Irony YAS100 Body And Soul watch

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Automatic Skeleton Watch

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This product belongs to the historical collection of Swatch

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A absolute Swatch classic in black and silver with a provocative open-ness. The black crocodile leather strap holds the shiny stainless steel case. The back of the watch is made from plastic and you can see the workings of the watch. The front of the watch doesn’t really have a dial. The mechanism itself is enough to gaze upon for hours. This watch does not need a battery. The movement of your wrist winds a feather, which will let the watch tick for about 48 hours. A shiny hour and minute hand with "superlite" highlights and a shiny silver second hand mark the time.

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This item is more than 15 years old and is considered a vintage collector’s item. This means that it may be fragile or discolored. Wearing this item is at your own risk.


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Swatch Irony YAS100 Body And Soul watch
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