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Swatch The Originals GN145 Tonite watch

This watch has a special 24 Hour movement, which means the hour hand doesn't go round the dial every 12 hours, but every 24 hours. The brown leather strap with creme stitching has a light blue buckle. The light blue case frames a busy dial with the hours in white Arabic numbers. In the center of the dial you find a day and night time marker with the sun and moon. Around the dial Swatch has shown you how your day normally is filled: Sweet dreams, night shift, wake up, rush hour etc.
EAN 7610522012868
Diameter 34 mm
Water resistant 3 Bar (Wash hands)
Warranty This product is sold with 1 year limited warranty.
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Of Swatch Vintage Watches
Swatch Specialist
Since 1992
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