Swatch Historical Collection - 1987

Swatch The Originals MGA400 Ritz watch

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2 Meters Tall Wall Clock

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This product belongs to the historical collection of Swatch

Product description

Maxi clocks are clocks that are copies of normal watches, but more than 2 meters tall(7 feet) to hang on your wall. The ones Squiggly sells, come from collections we have bought and most of them have hung on the wall. Therefor they are not new in box, but can have a scratch here and there. We sell them as they are.

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This item is more than 15 years old and is considered a vintage collector’s item. This means that it may be fragile or discolored. Wearing this item is at your own risk.


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Swatch The Originals MGA400 Ritz watch
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